In the division of Wells Resources and Operation Optimization Services (WROS), RTO has established a sustainable relationship with its international oil and gas partners such as Vortex Tools, InflowControl, and clients to remain in industry especially a niche market for long run. RTO has appointed the ‘special force’ who have the expertise in WROS to maximize its capability of their people, techniques and skills, the technologies and most importantly inspired to share this with others in order to have better ways in customer’s unique needs.


With the strategic combination and integration between RTO and our technology partners will brings a broader suite of tools, techniques and technologies as integrated solutions to package the entire activities in downhole and surface along with responsive service that’s expected. WROS scope covers the following but not limited to:


  • Drilling & Completion
    • Non-contact milling bit
    • Water and/or gas shut off completely and autonomously
    • Horizontal well application
  • Well Intervention & Integrity
    • Fishing & Non-cutting Pipe Recovery
  • Well Reactivation & Production Enhancement
    • Accumulated Fluid Removal & Flow Assurance
    • Unloading production fluid from Oil & Gas well
  • EOR & Production Optimization
    • Shut-off carbonized water and supercrital CO2
    • Vortex system in conjunction with Gas lift optimization
  • Well Plug & Abandonment
  • Sand Control System


  • Natural Gas to liquid solutions
  • Lowering surface line pressures and slugging
  • Reducing/eliminating the need for pigging/drip system
  • Paraffin mitigation application
  • Reducing vapor emissions with minimal gas (and liquids free) going to flare system
  • Improving the effectiveness of chemical treatments


  • Well site assessment
    • Engineering design & optimization
    • Supervision, maintenance and troubleshooting