• Inspection of all assets from seabed to surface
  • Air and saturation diving inspection
  • ROV structural inspection (both platform and vessel based)
  • ROV pipeline inspection
  • Specialist onshore support team with dedicated inspection knowledge
  • Understanding of non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies best suited
  • Sourcing, identifying and utilising new technologies to enhance underwater inspections
  • Inspection and maintenance planning and coordination services
  • Link to other facets within the Life-of-Field portfolio to ensure best fit solutions
  • Cathodic protection and field gradient surveys
  • Flooded member detection
  • Advanced weld inspections (MPI/ACFM/UT/EC/ radiography)
  • Advanced wall thickness inspection (PEC/DWT/TOFD)
  • Digital photogrammetry and metrology
  • Leak detection
  • Multi beam surveys
  • Out of straightness
  • General and close visual inspections on structures